Kyoung Tae Kim

Serial Compositions 10

Inkjet Print on Hahnemühle Photo Rag Pearl

140 x 105 cm

3350 EUR

edition of 1 + 3 AP

Kyoung Tae Kim applies a ‘Serial Compositions’ technique to display a fresh visual perception through the eye of a camera. Serial Compositions makes it difficult for the viewer to know what the actual image or form of an object is, because of the extreme close-up photos of A4 book-size white leaflets. By using his Focus Stacking technique, Kim’s images show equally distributed focus points on the objects, creating an illusion to the viewers as if they are looking at a graphic image rather than a photograph. By utilizing these techniques in his photography, Kyungtae Kim challenges our visual perception and at the same time attempts to newly transform the visual images shot through the lenses of a camera.